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This web site is for educated adults.
"Survival" is not a generic term.
To Survive any hardship longer than a couple of days, you will have to have a good working knowledge of Food, Water, Shelter, Ect.

This site isn't devoted to superstitious "End Of The World" scenarios,
Simple minded right wing conspiracy "The UN Is Taking Over The World" scenarios,
Simple minded left wing conspiracy "Civilization Collapse" scenarios,

This site is devoted to, and derived from the author's own hardships during his travels.
In many Central American and Middle Eastern countries I've been in you can not rely on the water supply, local foods or even the local government for your safety.

This page is devoted to anyone that will be living abroad, or off the 'Grid', or will ever be caught in a flood, earthquake, hurricane, typhoon, tornado or blizzard.

In 1989 and 1990, Petersburg Indiana sustained serious flood damage to the water distribution system. The result was several weeks without a potable water supply.
Just as soon as the water system was repaired, a tornado ripped the town apart, leaving the residents with not only no water again, but no electricity and about 1/4 of the housing destroyed.
With no food, water or electricity, about 1/4 of the town's population was reduced to refugee status overnight.

In August of 1992, hurricane Andrew ripped through the Northwest Bahamas, the southern Florida peninsula, and south central Louisiana.
Residents of southern Florida were without basic services for more than three weeks, and in the direct path of the hurricane, (Homestead, Naranja Lakes were completely flattened, Hollywood was all but destroyed) nothing useable was left standing.

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The average person will need to store at least six (6) days of food and water.
Along with six (6) days of fuel and utensils for cooking, hygiene, ect.

There are two schools of thought here,
1. Store Lots Of Nothing But Staples!
This is the philosophy of lots of the 'End Of World' nuts...
So, you store lots of wheat flour, lots bottled water, and lots of bibles...
When a disaster actually happens, you will have lots of stale (or worse) tasteless paste, and no light to read your bible by...
Bibles will make tender to start your fire with, but they won't sustain a fire, so they are not really good for much.

2. Keep A Very Well Stocked Pantry.
Sugar & Salt store indefinitely, are cheap and available everywhere.
Hot sauce, ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, salt & pepper, ect. come with every take out meal, store indefinitely, and take up very little space, and can really be a treat when all else seems to have turned against you...
Beans, rice, and canned meat make for very good and very filling, one pot meals, and store indefinitely.
Common chlorine 'laundry' bleach will treat water, if you know how...
Cool-Aid, Tang, RealLemmon, ect., make treated water palatable, even tasty.
Gator-Aid will do more for dehydration than plain water, in the event of sickness or diarrhea...

...Now, which table would you rather eat from?....

Know The Difference.

Water Treatment.


Fire & Cooking.

Proper 'Pantry' Planning.

The Stuff No One Remembers.

Hunting For Food.

Defending Your 'Squat'.

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