Disc Brakes
Brake Disc Minimum Thickness
1977 and 19781.120in28.5 mm
1979 through 19860.815 in20.7 mm
Brake Disc Thickness Variation Limit0.001 in0.02 mm
Brake Disc Runout Limit0.005 in0.12 mm
Torque SpecificationsFt-lbNm
Brake Booster-to-Dash18 to 2524 to 34
Master Cylinder-to-Booster20 to 3027 to 41
Brake Pedal Pushrod Nut25 to 4034 to 54
Front Disc Brakes
Brake Line-to-Caliper Fitting Bolt20 to 3027 to 41
Caliper Support Key Retaining Screw15 to 1820 to 24
Caliper Anchor Bracket-to Steering Knuckle100136
Caliper Mounting Pins3040
Brake Support Plate Mounting Nuts and Bolts30 to 3541 to 47
Bleeder Screw4 to 55 to 6
Front Drum Brakes
Backing Plate Bolts35 to 5547 to 74
Brake Line-to-Wheel Cylinder Fitting Nut10 to 1514 to 23
Bleeder Screw4 to 55 to 6
Rear Backing Plate Bolts/Nuts35 to 5547 to 74