151 cu in Four-Cylinder Engine

General Cylinder Bores
Engine Block Pistons and Rings
Crankshaft and Connecting Rods Cylinder Head and Valve Train
Oversize & Undersize Component Code Letter Definition Torque Specifications

Displacement151 cu in
Bore and Stroke4.0 x 3.0 in
Compression Ratio8.24 : 1
Oil Pressure36 to 41 psi at 2000 rpm

Cylinder Bores
Taper Limit
19800.0005 in max.
1981 through 19830.002 in max.
Out-of Round Limit
19800.0005 in max.
1981 through 19830.0015 in max.

Pistons and Rings
Piston Diameter3.9968 to 3.992 in
Piston-to-Cylinder Bore Clearance
Top0.0025 to 0.0033 in
Bottom0.0017 to 0.0041
Piston Ring Side Clearance0.0030 in
Piston Ring End Gap
Top ring0.010 to 0.022 in
2nd ring0.010 to 0.028 in
Oil ring side rails0.015 to 0.055 in
Piston Pin Diameter0.92705 to 0.92745 in
Piston Pin-to-Piston Clearance
Standard0.0003 in
Service Limit0.0005 in
Piston Pin-to-Connecting Rod ClearancePress fit

Crankshaft and Connecting Rods
Main Journal
Diameter2.2988 in
Taper Limit0.0005 in max.
Out-of-Round Limit0.0005 in max.
Main Bearing Oil Clearance
Standard0.0005 in
Service Limit0.0022 in
Connecting Rod Journal
Diameter2.000 in
Taper Limit0.0005 in max.
Out-of-Round Limit0.0005 in max.
Connecting Rod Bearing Oil Clearance
Standard0.0005 in
Service Limit0.0026 in
Connecting Rod End Play0.017 in
Crankshaft End Play0.0035 to 0.0085 in

Bearing Journal Diameter1.869 in
Bearing Oil Clearance
Standard0.0007 in
Service Limit0.0027 in
Lobe Lift0.230 in
End Play0.0015 to 0.0050 in

Cylinder Head and Valve Train
Cylinder Head Warpage Limit0.008 in max.
Valve Seat Angle46
Valve Seat Width
Intake0.0353 to 0.0747 in
Exhaust0.058 to 0.097 in
Valve Face Angle45
Valve Margin Minimum Width1/32 in
Valve Stem-to-Guide Clearance
1982 and 1983 exhaust only0.020in
All others0.010 in
Service Limit0.0027 in
Valve Spring Pressure(lbs at specified length)
Closed78 to 86 at 1.66 in
Open172 to 180 at 1.254 in
Valve Lash AdjustmentZero
Lifter Leakdown Rate12 to 90 seconds with a 50-lb load
Lifter Diameter0.8120 to 0.8427 in
Lifter Bore Diameter0.8435 to 0.8445 in
Lifter-to-Bore Clearance0.0025 in
Pushrod Length8.927 in

Torque SpecificationsFt-lbNm
Adapter-to-Intake Manifold10 to 1614 to 20
Camshaft Thrust Plate-to-Block Screws4.4 to 96 to 12
Carburetor-to-Manifold Nuts10 to 1614 to 20
Connecting Rod Nuts3040
Crankshaft Pulley Hub Bolts157 to 163217 to 223
Cylinder Head Bolts92125
Distributor Clamp Bolt6 to 129 to 15
Distributor Clamp Pivot Bolt9 to 1514 to 21
Driveplate-to-Crankshaft Bolts42 to 4857 to 63
Driveplate-to-Converter Bolts4054
EGR Valve-to-Manifold6.6 to 119 to 15
Exhaust Manifold Bolts36 to 4247 to 53
Exhaust Pipe-to-Manifold Nuts34 to 4049 to 55
Fan and Pulley-to-Water Pump15 to 2121 to 27
Flywheel-to-Crankshaft Bolts65 to 7190 to 96
Fuel Pump-to-Block12 to 1817 to 23
Intake Manifold34 to 4017 to 53
Main Bearing Cap Bolts6588
Oil Filter Adapter-to-Block32 to 3844 to 50
Oil Pan Drain Plug23 to 2831 to 37
Oil Pan Bolts4 to 76 to 11
Oil Pump Cover Bolts6 to 1214 to 20
Oil Pump-to-Block Bolts15 to 2122 to 28
Oil Pump-to-Driveshaft Plate7 to 311 to 17
Oil Screen Support Nut25 to 3135 to 41
Air Injection Bracket34 to 4047 to 54
Pressure Plate-to-Flywheel Bolts15 to 2220 to 30
Crankshaft Pulley Bolt22 to 2831 to 37
Pushrod Cover Bolts4.4 to 96 to 12
Rocker Arm Cover Bolts4 to 107 to 13
Rocker Arm Stud57 to 6373 to 79
Rocker Arm-to-Stud nuts17 to 2324 to 30
Starter Bolts14 to 2021 to 27
Thermostat Housing Bolts19 to 2527 to 33
Timing Cover52 to 8
Timing Cover-to-Block96 to 12
Water Outlet Housing14 to 2020 to 26
Water Pump14 to 2020 to 26