The Simple Minded, Accident Prone, Stupid, Superstitious/ Religious, Ect., should leave this site now.
There is nothing here for people that can't figure out basic safety rules, and follow safety procedures without someone holding their hand...

Most of the things found here are dangerous at best, and down right deadly in a lot of instances.

I'm not trying to sell this stuff as a home game, and I or this web site take no responsibility for any monetary loss, death, dismemberment, pain or suffering you may inflict on yourself or others trying to reproduce anything you find here.

My projects include High Voltages at Currents that will easily KILL A HUMAN ,
I Work with Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Alcohol, Nitrous Oxide, Propane/ LPG, Gunpowder and other chemicals that can easily create a Fire/ Explosion Hazard,
Not to mention the Crushing Injuries you may fall victim to without safe shop practices.
I could not possibly teach you all the safety/shop practices and precautions on this web site, so safety is totally and entirely your responsibility.

You so Crazy-

If you still want to come in and check things out, go up and click on the Junk Yard logo.
By doing so, you acknowledge you have read the warnings, understand them, and hold the author, web site, web provider, and everyone but your parents
(or who ever your genetic donors might be...)
responsible for getting hurt...