How The Average Inductive Ignition Works.

Taking Some Of The Mystery Out Of The Average Vehicle Ignition.

Meaning "To Induce", To Cause Action.

In the case of an early automotive ignition, this principal is applied to Electro-Magnetic link.

Some Basic Electrical Facts,
If you pass a magnet over a conductor, copper, silver, iron, aluminum, anything that will conduct electricity, the MOVING magnetic field will 'INDUCE' a current in that conductor.
A moving magnetic field inside a coil of wire will induce an electric current.
Here is a link to a pretty good graphic on this subject, http://micro.magnet.fsu.edu/electromag/java/faraday2/

Interactive Java Tutorial
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Click and drag the magnet back and forth inside the coil.

When you move the magnet back and forth, notice that the galvanometer needle moves, indicating that a current is induced in the coil. Notice also that the needle immediately returns to zero when the magnet is not moving. Faraday confirmed that a moving magnetic field is necessary in order for electromagnetic induction to occur.

Inversely, If you apply an electrical current to coil of wire, it will create a magnetic field.

Magnetism and electrical current are inescapably linked.