Holley Fastener Torque Specs

Recommended Torque Range for Specific Holley Carburetor Fasteners
Dry Torque
Fastener Size
Threads Per Inch
Application Torque Range
12--24Bowl Screws25--30
1/4--32Main Jets30--40
1/4--32Adjustable Needle-and-Seat Lock Screws50--60
5/16--24Carburetor to Manifold Attaching Screws60--80
5/16--24Internally Adjustable Needles-and-Seat60-80
7/16--24Internally Adjustable Needles-and-Seat70--90
1/2--28Power Valves with Multiple Drilled Holes40--50
1/2--28Power Valves with Large Window Openings100
9/16--24Fuel Bowl Inlet Fitting175--200
7/8--20Fuel Bowl Inlet Fitting200--250
1/16--NPT1/16--Inch Pipe Plug50--60
1/8--NPT1/8--Inch Pipe Plug100--150
1/4--NPT1/4--Inch Pipe Plug160--240