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Holley Carburetor Resource Page

Holley Carburetors have been the standard in all forms of racing, are the most tunable, the easiest to tune, and probably the most available performance carbs on the market today.

Holley Incorporated has been so kind as to allow me to use may of their graphics directly, so we aren't at the mercy of uncooperative internet servers.
You will find a Holley Logo at the top of these Holley pages. Click on that logo and you will be taken to Holley's web site!

Choosing A Holley Carburetor.

Holley Torque Specs.

Holley Date Codes.

Holley Drill Size Conversions.

Holley Jet Sizes.

Secondary Metering Plates.

Holley Power Valves.

What Carb Do I Have?

How Do I Tune My Holley?

Off Road Modifications.

Vacuum Secondary Tuning.

Holley Tuning Books.