Rifles For Large Game In North America

It's time to talk common sense here...

First off, I don't hunt for trophies. I've never hunted for trophies, and there isn't one single dead animal, or parts of dead animals hanging on my walls.

Secondly, If I can't eat it, I don't kill it (some destructive varmints excluded).
I don't care who you are, you can stick the antlers in a pressure cooker for a week and still can't stick a fork in the gravy.
Trophy hunters and body count hunters (like bird hunters that leave game in the field) make me sick.
Most states have laws against leaving game in the field, and I believe that anyone cought should be perminantly barred from hunting .

If you want to hunt 'Big Game' in North America, there are plenty of fine rifles for that job.
I prefer a .30 Cal. or .35 Cal., but some people will prefer up to .50 Cal.
If you are any kind of hunter (or marksman) you shouldn't have to use a cannon.

There are two basic kinds of terrain in North America, Wide Open and Brush Covered.
In Wide Open spaces, I prefer a smaller, faster bullet. The newer Short Magnums are a fine example of a good balance between bullet weight and muzzle velocity.
Some people still prefer to use something like a .270 or .308, and there is nothing wrong with these, but I prefer something that shoots a little 'Flatter'...

In heavy brush I prefer something with a little more knock down power.
Where I hunt, if you place the shot poorly, the guy over the next hill is going to load your game.
With calibers like the .350 Rem. Mag. and even the .35 Wheelen, with even a poorly placed shot you stand a good chance of taking home the meat.

I hear constant arguments over bolt actions vs. autoloaders...
It's all white noise to me...
Real hunters know it's all about the first shot and shot placment, not how fast you can get off a follow up shot.
If rapid follow up shots were so very important, there would be a lot more semi autos in use, and you couldn't give away a single shot or bolt action rifle, and there are a ton of people using single shots and bolt action rifles!!

As I said before, I think choosing the correct type of round and making sure your first round shot placment is correct is much more important than what type of rifle you fire that round from.

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